Ski in the USA

Update | 26.mar.2014

My experience skiing in the US is relatively limited, actually my life experience skiing in general is quite limited. But I had certainly advanced in the last couple of years ...
After improving a little bit in the Midwest hills, the experience in Colorado was definitely a step towards a whole new level.

So here are the slopes that I had visited so far in the US:


1) Wilmot Mountain - the closest ski resort.
Directions: 11931 Fox River Rd - Wisconsin, approximately 1h30 - 1h45 driving from Chicago
Just as another hill in the Midwest, nothing particularly exciting in terms of slopes or landscape, but worth the day trip for some ski practicing and winter fun.

2) Devil's Head Resort - the best slopes for a day trip.
Directions:  6330 Bluff Road, Merrimac - Wisconsin, approximately 2h30 - 3h driving from Chicago

3) Granite Peak - the best slopes in the Midwest
Directions: 3605 N Mountain Rd  Wausau, Wisconsin
If you are willing to drive 5-6h from Chicago, this is the best ski resort in the Midwest.

4) Chestnut Resort - Galena, IL.
The town is cute, but the slopes are not too exciting.

For more information about skiing and snowboarding in the Midwest, click here.

Rocky Mountains:

1) Keystone, Colorado

2) Breckenridge, Colorado